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guide to alchemy in sburb / sgrub.

  • what's alchemy.
    it's a crafting system that sburb and sgrub use. you can make everything with it if you have the codes, ingredients, and grist. alchemy will keep you alive. alchemy will keep you safe. alchemy will get on your nerves more than you would ever believe.

  • is there a list of things i can make with alchemy.
    yes. go here. this is a relatively organized list of vitals we've put codes together, including: food (including nonperishables), armor, useful accessories, technology (you can make a computer that you can move), and some other stuff. if you're new here, it's vital that you check it out.

  • how do i do alchemy.
    you may have noticed that there are three new machines in your house. they look like this.

    i don't know how to resize these but it doesn't matter. if you can't see them, the alchemiter is the biggest platform, the cruxtruder has screens, and the totem lathe has a clamp. try to remember this.

    you also will have a designix, which looks like a desk with a keyboard sort of, and together these will allow you to make items new and old. i'll seperate this guide into three parts: making an existing item, && alchemy, and || alchemy.

  • how to make a pre-existing code.
    step 1. obtain the code. you can find this in the list, ask someone in the memo for one, or find it on the back of the captchalogue card for whatever you want to make a copy of. for this example we'll be using [M50GxL33], which is a bag of rubber bands, and will be super cheap to make with grist should you want to follow along.

    step 2. insert a card (empty is best) into the punch designix and put the code into that. the card will be punched. any item on this card will no longer be usable. then go and get a totem from the totem lathe. there doesn't seem to be much of a limit to this.

    step 3. insert the punched card and plain totem into the totem lathe. it'll carve the totem into a unique shape. it usually looks like a fancy vase or something. as long as it isn't completely smooth any more, it works.

    step 4. put the totem on the alchemiter, which will automatically spend your grist and make it into the desired item. congratulations. you did it. you get a gold star.

  • && alchemy.
    before i get into this i should explain that there are two kinds of alchemy you can do (as far as i've found). the first i'll tell you about, because i've found it to be the most useful and the easiest to understand, is && alchemy. this kind of alchemy allows you to mix two things in a way that the resulting item will have traits of both items, like a combination of them. i'll show you how to make a mobile pc using && alchemy.

    step 1. you're going to want to make copies of your phone and pc monitor in case you fuck this up. plus it's just handy to have the code on hand anyways, because things go wrong all the time and you never know when those will break.

    step 2. got your extras ready? good. set those aside. keep the punched cards for the two things you'll be mixing. you'll be doing basically the same stuff you did before after this step, except that you'll be lining up the punched cards at the same time. this will cover some of the punched holes when you put them in.

    step 3. it isn't that hard to figure out from here. using the overlapping cards, get your totem and do the alchemiter stuff, and bam, you have a computer that you can charge and carry around like a phone. welcome to the future, bitches.

  • || alchemy.
    this one is a little more complicated. it switches what item is affected, more or less, and is good for upgrading weapons, armor, belongings, etc. with new stuff. i'm going to make a pair of scissorblades that i can set on fire, using matches. try something out with your own weapon.

    step 1. instead of overlapping your cards, you'll be finding one empty card, and punching it with both items' codes. i do my weapon first, usually. i don't know if doing it the other way around will affect it. feel free to experiment, you only lose things permanently if you really fuck up and you can always get more grist.

    step 2. got your one card punched? good. now guess what? it's the same shit. get your totem, insert both into the totem lathe, and put the result into the alchemiter. you'll get something mostly resembling the first item, with traits of the second one.

    i made a pair of scissorswords that light on fire when i strike them together and almost lit my curtains on fire. that's pretty awesome. what kind of things will you make?

    ok, you think, so that's all there is to alchemy. cool. but no. those are just the basics. fuck, you're thinking now, what a fucking pain in the ass, this shit is a headache. and you would be right to think that. but don't worry. this is an introduction page, meaning these are the only things, as far as i'm aware, that you HAVE TO KNOW. although i will say one more thing: the alchemiter can be upgraded, and these upgrades look pretty useful. i don't know how this works if you don't have a server player, though. so good luck figuring that out.

    also, apparently, there may or may not be a frog (croakbeast) somewhere on your land. if you find one, you should keep it. you can apparently use it in alchemy to make better weapons.

    have questions? cry about it.