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this is a death game.

but don't worry. if you die correctly, you'll come back stronger than ever. by popular demand, i'm making this page about that stuff instead of the other stuff i said i would make a page about, because it is such a massive pain in the ass to explain godhood to people over and over.

  • how do you "die correctly".
    by not rushing it. you may have heard that you become a god by dying but it isn't that simple. lots of people have come here, died, and not come back. first, you must be at the top of your echeladder. you can see where you are on this in the game screen on your computer. you will know that you are at the top if all of the rungs are lit up in different colors...

  • how do you reach the top of your echeladder.
    check out the home page for a basic rundown.

  • okay. what comes after the echeladder.
    after you have maxed out your echeladder, you should find your quest bed. this is usually a slab of rock on your land but it might be different for some people. you'll know it when you see it. if you die here at full level, you should ascend to godhood.

    in the event that you have died before you're supposed to, worry not. you can still ascend. by having somebody kiss your corpse (gruesome i know) your backup body, or your dreamself, will wake up and take over. more on dreamselves later, but basically you can use one of the slabs on derse (purple moon) to ascend. i'm not sure if they're available on prospit. all that said, you should still try not to die. i'll tell you right now, it isn't fun, and coming back doesn't make it any better.

  • what does becoming a god entail.
    when you ascend, you become a god, a specific, unique kind which you can learn from your consorts or your sprite. they'll usually call you a 'something of something'. more on that in a bit. if you were careful, you'll wake up on a checker planet called skaia, where there's some kind of a war going on that we're not super involved in yet. otherwise, i think you wake up where you died.
    you'll be able to fly, and you'll have powers that seem to be unique to your title. for example, i'm a mage of breath, and can do stuff with the wind, like use it to move stuff around, make stuff lighter, go faster or slow others down, etc.

  • what titles are there. not sure, there seem to be a lot of them, and i don't know what they all mean. there are two parts to every title so far, though.
    some of the first parts are prince, bard, mage, sylph, thief, page, etc. and they seem to affect how you use the second part of your title. some of these are things like blood, breath, time, space, etc. it's really up to you to figure out what your title is, though, and how it affects you. you have to do some legwork by yourself, come on.

  • dying sounds scary.
    it is.

    that's basically the gist of godhood. if you have other questions or you think i should touch on something more i guess i'll add it here whenever i have the time.

    hope this helps. 'til next time.